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Technical analysis indicators, or computer indicators, are tools that perform certain calculations according to given formulas based on the indicators of the price chart, and then automatically produce the result. Most often, indicators look like graphical constructions (lines, histograms, etc.) that are automatically plotted on the chart.

Each indicator is based on a formula in which the values of the price chart act as variables. Some parameters can be customized by the user. After all the parameters and values are determined, the indicator is superimposed on the chart, and the trader receives a visual signal to enter the market or exit the transaction.

Automation in calculations is the main feature of computer indicators. Thanks to this, the most complex constructions can be plotted on the chart in a matter of seconds. It is thanks to the advent of computer analysis that it became possible to create automated trading systems, various advisors and robots.


Some Popular and Powerful Technical Indicators for Forex Trading are:

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